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With the festive season quickly approaching, you’re probably already thinking of the special gifts you’d like to get your loved ones, if you haven’t done so already! And we can all agree that getting our loved ones a gift that they absolutely love and need, actually, gives us more pleasure than it does them! Here at GMS, we believe that the presentation of the gift is just as important as getting the person the right gift. Although we simply looove to, and take utmost pride and pleasure in wrapping your gifts for you, should you want to own this task yourself, we’ve put together a few tips on how to make gift wrapping quick, easy and fun!!

1. The Essentials

It’s always a good idea to have the essentials ready at hand:

  • Your gift;
  • Wrapping paper, measured to size;
  • Sharp pair of scissors (optional to use a separate pair designated for cello tape only);
  • Cello tape (regular);
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Complimenting embellishments (ribbons, tags, twine, bows, etc); and
  • A large, flat and clean surface on which to work.
Gift wrapping tips from Gifting Made Simple

2. The Paper

Always choose a good quality wrapping paper as this will make wrapping easier as the paper wont tear quickly and folding will be easy and crisp. A good quality wrapping paper is very important for a neat and mesmerizing end result. Designs of wrapping paper comes in sooo many different variations. It can be printed and colourful or simple, yet elegant solid colours. This is completely up to you, so have fun with it!

Gift Wrapping Tips from Gifting Made Simple - Gift Wrap

3. The Measurements

Measure the paper depending on your gift size. Measure the paper just so that you have enough to comfortably cover your gift. Too much wrapping will make your gift look untidy and bulky. When securing the paper with double sided tape, always place the outside fold of paper toward the edge of the gift to create a seamless and neat look.

Gift Wrapping Tips from Gifting Made Simple - Double sided tape

4. The Gift Box

If you’re using a gift box it’s a good idea to secure the item/s inside the box so that they fit snuggly in the box and won’t move around when handled. You can use layers of tissue paper or even straw to do so.

Gift Wrapping Tips from Gifting Made Simple - Gift Box

5. The Cello 

Using a clear tape for securing your wrapping creates a cleaner and neater look and won’t take away from the design of your wrapping paper. Use a tape dispenser for easy cutting and access to your tape when you need it.

Gift Wrapping Tips from Gifting Made Simple - Cello

6. The Double-Sided

Why doubled-sided tape? Although not a necessity, using a clear double-sided tape for sealing the deal creates a clean, neat and seamless look. This way you will have no tape showing on the entire outside of the gift.


7. The Scissors

Designate a pair of scissors for cello tape if you plan to do a lot of gift wrapping this season. We recommend having a pair of scissors that you only use for cello tape. Especially when cutting a lot of double-sided tape, we find that the scissors tends to get sticky and makes it hard to cut paper smoothly and neatly with that same pair.


8. The Embellishments

Choose complimenting embellishments. Twine, ribbon, bows and tags are but a few embellishments you can use to dress up your gift and add that final bit of je ne sais quoi. It doesn’t have to be over the top, a simple twine/ribbon and tag will do the trick with its simplicity and elegance. A lovely Tiffany bow and matching tag makes for the most elegant and classic look. However, if you’d like, you can always add in layered ribbons - don’t be afraid to work with different textures and sizes as these can add beautiful depth and volume to the package. Feathers, studs, doilies, dried flowers, lace… oh but the list goes on for days! Definitely the most fun part to the wrapping process in our opinion! Use your imagination and simply have fun 😊

Gift Wrapping Tips from Gifting Made Simple - Twine & Ribbon

9. The Tag

These are truly the final bit to the package. Tags are not only for letting the recipient know who the gift is from, however can also be used for a special message or thought to the recipient. These special messages makes for great sentimental keeps.


10. The Workspace

Always have a large, clean flat surface to work on. Having enough space to freely be able to manoeuvre the gift wrap around the gift is very important. This will ensure that you are able to measure your paper correctly and easily. Working in a cluttered environment will only cause frustration and will probably result in the gift not being wrapped to its potential. Remember to have the necessities to wrap your gift close by for easy access when you need them!

Gift Wrapping Tips from Gifting Made Simple - Gift Wrap


We hope these tips will come in handy when you are wrapping your special gifts. We’d love to hear whether these tips have helped you in your gift wrapping journey. Write us and let us know!

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