Candles & Body Care

SoyLites create and manufacture a range of natural soy based aromatherapy body candles, soy body balms, and other related products.
SoyLites takes pride in innovating eco-authentic products that your skin will love, while engaging your mind, body and spirit. 
These products make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to feel and smell amazing.
Votive Massage Candle | Relaxation R 110.00
Votive Candle | Gift Box II R 250.00
Everyday Hand and Body Balm R 145.00
Votive Candle | Tranquility R 110.00
Votive Candle | Serenity Sold Out
Cooling Muscle Rub Balm R 145.00
Votive Candle | Harmony Sold Out
Votive Massage Candle | Cupid's Touch R 110.00