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With the festive season quickly approaching, you’re probably already thinking of the special gifts you’d like to get your loved ones, if you haven’t done so already! And we can all agree that getting our loved ones a gift that they absolutely love and need, actually, gives us more pleasure than it does them! 

From nifty gadgets and sparkling jewellery to aromatic candles and stunning scarves...our Top Gift Picks this year includes a little something for everyone. Browse are sure to find something gift worthy :)

1. Adjustable Phone Stand

The Bobino Phone Stand is designed to hold your mobile phone for video calls & easy browsing at home or in the office. The Bobino Phone Stand is fully adjustable to any angle you choose in both landscape and portrait viewing. It’s compact size makes it easy to take it with you in your wallet, shirt pocket or bag.

Bobino Phone Stand | Gift Ideas

A trending gift idea suitable for anyone with a phone :)

Price: R130

Click here to view the Phone Stand.

2. Wood Sunglasses

UV400 Half-bamboo sunglasses: light weight, half bamboo, and environmentally friendly. The pictures speak for themselves!

GM Wood Sunglasses | Gift Ideas

A trending & stylish gift for him for the hot summer ahead.

Price: R259-R279 (including shipping)

Click here to view the Sunglasses.

 3. Slinky

This slinky from Legami is a must for your vintage collection. Made of galvanised steel wire, it is a toy for fun moments with your friends. 


A great, nostalgic gift idea to get those memories flowing.

Price: R150

Click here to view the Slinky.

4. My Notebook

The MY NOTEBOOK from Legami is ideal for storing memories, taking notes and jotting things down. Soft-touch covers and high-quality paper, featuring a modern, sleek design. Includes a monthly planner and map of the world to track your travels. Available in many colours.

My Notebook

The perfect gift idea for the one that loves to write. 

Price: R165

Click here to view the My Notebook.

5. The Handy Gift Box

One of our most popular gift boxes, The Handy includes a lovely scarf, a retro coin purse, and a special notebook!

Handy Gift Box

A perfect, all-round gift idea, suitable for pretty much any occasion! 

Price: R325 (including shipping)

Click here to view the Handy Gift Box.

6. Coin Purse

The coin purse, with zipper, is a practical, stylish change purse perfect to store money and small objects while on the go, at work, at school, and during your free time. Available in many unique designs.

Coin Purse

A simple & practical gift idea, one that will be suitable for many recipients.

Price: R95

Click here to view the Coin Purse.

7. Brass Letter Bookmark

This delightful range of bookmarks mixes nostalgia with modern twist. Fashioned from brass with vintage finishes. Available letters: A, L, M & R.


A welcomed gift for any book lover. Or yourself!

Price: R125

Click here to view the Bookmark.

8. Candle Gift Set

A beautiful gift box of three votive candles: Clarity: An exquisite antidote for stress and nervous tension, with antidepressant benefits. Harmony: A floral blend inspiring feelings of serenity and joy. Sweet, feminine undertones. Rejuvenation: A refreshing and enlivening blend, inducing clear and creative thoughts. Awaken your senses. 70ml, 18-20 hour burn time per candle.


A truly wonderful gift idea. Full stop.

Price: R250

Click here to view the Candle Gift Box.

9. Tablet Sleeve

Use the tablet sleeve to protect your tablet in style when you travel, go to work or school or when you take your tablet with you during your free time. For 9" to 10.5" tablets. Thanks to its inner padding and the Nylon outer lining, the Tablet Sleeve allows you to travel with your tablet or iPad without worries.

Tablet Sleeve

A great gift idea for the tech savvy friend we all know and love :)

Price: R295-R320

Click here to view the Tablet Sleeve.

10. Exquisite Pashmina

One of our most bestselling gifts, superb quality and soft to the touch, these exquisite pashminas complement any outfit, by keeping you both warm and in style! 


A lovely gift idea that will surely be appreciated by the receiver.

Price: R135

Click here to view the Exquisite Pashmina.

11. Soap

Pure Glycerine 150g Soap Bar from SoyLites with anti-bacterial essential oils of Lavender and Eucalyptus. 


A lovely, and affordable gift idea, all-round.

Price: R45

Click here to view the Soap.

12. Pearl Shimmer Necklace

Add this vintage pearl necklace to make a bold statement to a classic outfit.


A classic, sparkling gift for the one who loves to shine.

Price: R140

Click here to view the Necklace.

13. Espresso Coffee Cups

This set of 2 Bone China porcelain espresso cups are beautifully designed, dishwasher compatible and microwave safe. Available in many designs.


A trending gift idea for those who love all things home.

Price: R235

Click here to view the Mugs.

14. Travel Organiser

The lilac Travel Organizer, with its practical and compact format, is your ideal travel companion to safely store all your boarding passes, documents and credit cards while you are on the go.  RFID protection.

Travel Organiser

A splendid gift idea for the one who loves to travel.

Price: R325

Click here to view the Travel Organiser.

15. The Writer Gift Box

The Writer Gift Box includes a unique notebook (which includes a monthly planner, map of the world & more), a bookmark pen, and fun sticky notes! 


A simply perfect gift idea for the paper-lover!

Price: R425

Click here to view the Writer Gift Box.

16. Magnetic Hourglass

The beautiful Magnetic Hourglass by Legami will allow you to watch as time filters by and also provide you with a design furnishing accessory that is sure to become a talking point. 


A truly stunning gift idea for the home.

Price: R300

Click here to view the Magnetic Hourglass.

17. 15 Puzzle

15 Puzzle, this number puzzle by Legami is a unique gift idea to play at any time of day. Its small size means you can take it everywhere with you!


A hugely entertaining vintage game and a beautiful gift idea

Price: R170

Click here to view the 15 Puzzle.

And there you have it! We hope these gift picks will get your creative juices flowing. We’d love to hear whether these tips have helped you in your gifting journey. Write us and let us know!

P.S. Check back as we'll be adding more gifts based on what's selling the most in November!

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