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Are you looking for unique and unusual? Bobino & Legami manufactures great quality products and have well-established brands.

Phone stands, Bag Hooks, Reusable Cable Tags, Multi-Tools - these items are simply innovative and creative, and aimed at making daily life easier!

Browse our unique collection below and take your pick from the awesome array of colours!

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Desk Cable Clip R 95.00
Bag Light R 120.00
Phone Stand R 130.00
Zipper Clip R 95.00
Bag Hook R 185.00
Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multi-Tool R 295.00
SOS I Will Survive Multi-tool R 200.00
Bobino Tech Survival Kit Open
Tech Survival Kit Sold Out
Glasses Clip R 89.00
SOS Mr LED Light - Red R 155.00