Novelty gifts

Who said that a gift has to be practical? Novelty gifts are trending and we have some great ideas for you!

Fun sticky notes. Mesmerizing magnet hourglasses. Micro notebooks. And more.

We've all experienced it. Seeing the most random item in the store that immediately reminds you of someone you know. And you just can't help yourself.

Browse our collection of novelty-themed gifts below and spread the joy of gifting. 

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Magic Shot R 375.00
USB Mug Warmer - Panda Sold Out
Nails Before Males - No Probllama Sold Out
Audio Splitter | Panda R 185.00
Card Holder - Camera R 155.00
Mini Stationery Set (Heart) R 140.00
Magnet Hourglass Timer R 300.00
Hot&Cold Vacuum Bottle | Rain R 385.00 R 465.00
Calendar & Desk Tidy R 250.00
Good Morning Mug - Super Mummy Sold Out
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