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Votive Candle | Gift Box II

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A beautiful gift box of three votive candles:

  • Serenity: A versatile candle with good old pure lavender oil. Great for relaxation, with calming benefits.
  • Decadence: The warm and comforting scent of vanilla is blended with the floral sweetness of Ylang Ylang, resulting in luxurious decadence
  • Balance: Orange blossom for mental clarity and the fresh, revitilising aroma of lemongrass and grounding, earthy cedarwood tones.

70ml, 18-20 hour burn time per candle

The perfect gift idea for almost any occasion.

Because soy candles melt at a low temperature forming a pool of oil when burning, one can dip their fingers in the oil, and rub it into their skin. The nourishing warm oil is easily absorbed into the skin.