Scarves & Brooches

Scarves have the ability to transform any outfit. Giving it that bit ofje ne sais quoi, this versatile accessory can take bland to fab in an instant! Thisultimate fashion accessory/necessity also makes for theperfect gift! Whether it’s a loved one or acquaintance (or even yourself), gifting a scarf is suitable for any occasion.

Here at Gifting made simple, we like to keep things, well, simple! Hence our range of scarves covers all seasons and occasions. And just to add that extra touch, we offer a select range of stunning brooches to complement the scarf of your choice.

How do our scarves look wrapped? See below or click here to view our Gift Wrap Gallery!

Scarf wrapped in Floral Gift wrap
Floral Scarf - Turquoise, olive & white Sold Out
Brooch - Turquoise Gold Flower R 65.00
Brooch - Sparkle Butterfly R 75.00
Brooch - Green Gold Flower R 50.00 R 65.00
Brooch - Copper Gold Flower R 65.00
Floral Scarf - White Flora R 95.00
Floral Scarf - Magenta & green R 95.00
Dark turquoise scarf, dotted & striped Sold Out