Mother's Day Gifts

Our mothers do and have done so much for us. We can never repay our mother's for what they have done. But we can show appreciation and gratitude. And what better way than a gift!

The gift doesn't have to be fancy. Or expensive. It can be something small. To show your appreciation. To thank her. And to give her that little extra bit of joy!

In line with our name, we are keeping it simple with a few gift ideas that your mother is sure to appreciate.

Exquisite pashminas R 125.00
The Scarf R 285.00
The Fashion R 375.00
Scarf & Brooch - Select your own R 140.00
Literary Letter Brass Bookmarks R 100.00 R 125.00
Forever Young Purse - Purple R 185.00
Where You're @ Bookmark R 85.00
Bag Hook R 185.00
Forever Young Purse - Black R 185.00
The (Mini) Fashion R 325.00
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