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Father's Day Gifts

Our fathers do and have done so much for us. Our silent heros. Never complaining. Never giving up. Let's show these superheros our appreciation and gratitude this Father's day. And what better way than a gift!

The gift doesn't have to be fancy. Or expensive. It can be something small. To show your appreciation. To thank him. 

In line with our name, we are keeping it simple with a few gift ideas that your father is sure to appreciate.

SOS Superpen R 125.00
SOS No-Touch Key Ring R 100.00
SOS Mr. 007 7-in-1 Multi-Tool R 175.00
SOS I Will Survive Multi-tool R 200.00
Cufflinks - Carbon Fibre Silver SQ Sold Out
Cufflinks - Gear Design Sold Out
Cufflinks - Steering Wheel Design Sold Out
Cufflinks - Ace R 200.00
Mini Pinball - Space R 259.00
Mini Netwon's Cradle Sold Out