Wedding anniversaries are important milestones. Selecting a gift for an anniversary can be difficult. We tend to overthink things and look for elaborate ways to spoil that special someone.
In our view...less is more. Rather than going with the usual "commercialised" themes of Paper, Leather, Wood, etc., select a gift that best suites your partner. Think of what he or she likes, how they spend their time, or what interests they have. This way, you'll end up with a thoughtful gift and one that they are sure to appreciate.
We've chosen a selection of 15 gifts for this special occasion.
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The Scarf R 285.00
The Fashion R 375.00
Ralferty Wood Sunglasses - Retro Black R 190.00 R 240.00
Crystal Blue Pendant Necklace Sold Out
The Style R 500.00
The Gadget Sold Out
A Beaded Affair R 325.00
My Notebook - Lilac Sold Out
Cufflinks - Wood Rose Gold R 245.00
Cufflinks - Round laser-engraved design R 245.00