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Gift giving ("Gifting") comes easier to some than to others. Selecting a suitable gift can be challenging. There are many factors to consider. What is the occasion? How well do I know the person? What do they like? What's my budget?

Due to all these questions, we tend to overthink things. We walk through the malls trying to see if something just "pops" out. Or trawl through google and websites for "unique gifts" or "simple gift ideas". The end result? Wasted time and, usually, an impractical gift that is not received well!

Here at Gifting made simple, we aim to simplify the gifting process by offering a select and quality range of gifts. Below we detail seven inexpensive, yet practical gifts.


We all have that colleague or family member who's desk is untidy, full of unnecessary items, with cables everywhere. Gift him or her this simple Cord Wrap, from Bobino.

With the Bobino Cord Wrap it's easy to organize and store cables & cords. Use it for earbuds or headphone cords; they will never be tangled again.

Cost: R50

Click here to view the Bobino Cord Wrap.


Bobino Magnet Pen

Pens. Something you can never find when you need it the most. The Bobino MAGNET PEN comes in handy in the kitchen, office and workshop!

The MAGNET PEN sticks to any metal surface. The strong magnet inside the pen holds any piece of paper. Gift it to that special someone who's always looking for a pen, at home or around the office!

Cost: R99

Click here to view the Bobino Magnet Pen.


Bobino Glasses Clip

Bobino GLASSES CLIP provides a safe and handy place for sunglasses or corrective glasses in the car. Simply fix it to the sun visor and the glasses will always be within reach when needed.

Gift the Bobino GLASSES CLIP to your special friend that's always looking around the car for sunglasses, while driving...

Cost: R75

Click here to view the Bobino Glasses Clip.


Bobino Key Clip

Bobino KEY CLIP makes it easy to locate your keys. No more searching in the depths of your hand bag, backpack, briefcase or purse.

Gift it to that person who takes at least 5 minutes to find something in their bag!

Cost: R60

Click here to view the Bobino Key Clip.


The popcorn-themed Don't Forget Magnetic Notepad from Legami is both creative and practical. 100 sheets of double-drilling detachable paper with a magnet on the back for easy storage on the fridge or near the telephone. Pencil included.

Gift it to the one who always forgets to give you the message or never brings home the milk!

Cost: R145

Click here to view the Don't Forget Magnetic Notepad.


The MY NOTEBOOK from Legami is ideal for storing memories, taking notes and jotting things down. Soft-touch covers and high-quality paper, featuring a modern, sleek design. Features include a map for tracking trips around the world, monthly planner, useful weather icons, and a telephone / address book.

The perfect gift for any occasion.

Cost: R149

Click here to view the My Notebook.


The REALLY TINY BOOK LIGHT from That Company Called IF is the slimmest, trimmest, lightest and most fashionable book light you can buy. A previous Gift of the Year winner! With all the time we spend on mobile phones and tech, it's always good to go back to an old-fashioned book.

Gift it to the person who loves to read!

Cost: R145

Click here to view the Really Tiny Book Light.

And there you have it. Seven great, simple, inexpensive, and practical gift ideas which is sure to bring a smile to the receiver's face!

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