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The Handbag

The Handbag Gift Box, for the lover of all things handbag...

We've curated this practical and fun collection of handbag-themed gifts, specifically for the handbag lover! Does she love handbags? Does she dislike putting her handbag on the floor? Does she love cute and colourful gadgets for her handbag? Then this is the perfect gift idea for her!

Which occasion? The Handbag Gift Box is a suitable gift idea for almost any occasion! Birthday? Handbag it! Anniversary? Handbag it! Graduation / Promotion? Handbag it!

What's inside? The Handbag Gift Box includes a hook for your handbag, clip for your keys, and wrap for your cords.

How does this work? 1. Select from the available colours. 2. Select the gift wrap option of your choice. 3. Add a personalised message (optional). We'll box it, wrap it and tag it!

What's included? A silver gift box, tissue paper, gift wrap, twine, and a gift tag with your personalised message written thereon. And there's no additional shipping cost - the price you see is what you pay!

More details on what's in the box:

Bag Hook

Bobino BAG HOOK is a portable companion for your bag, backpack or purse. BAG HOOK is designed to keep your valuables at hand, safe and off the floor. Choose from either hanging your bag on a table or attach it to the leg of a chair. Click here to view the bag hook in more detail.

Key Clip

Bobino KEY CLIP makes it easy to locate your keys. No more searching in the depths of your hand bag, backpack, briefcase or purse. Click here to view the key clip in more detail.

Cord Wrap

With Bobino CORD WRAP it's become easy to organize and store your cables and cords. Use it for earbuds and headphone cords; they will never be tangled again. Click here to view the cord wrap in more detail.


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